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Forest Road

Reserving is Easy


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Because of the personalized nature of our ride share service and the special, individual needs that may arise, Curb2Curb has chosen to offer a simple and direct access to our Reservation Form.


Rather than downloading an app from the Play or Apple Store, simply create a "desktop icon" while is open on your phone. This can be done by using any of the web servers available to you, like Google, Brave, Duck Duck Go, Safari and others.


Once the site is open on your screen, the icon can be created by clicking on the 3 bars at the top right of the screen. In the drop-down menu, click on "Add to Home Screen". An icon will be added to your Home screen. When you want to reserve a ride, simply click on the icon and it will take you to the website to submit your reservation request.

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When the site is open in your chosen browser, click on the Upload icon at the bottom center of your screen. Then click on the menu item, " Add to Home Screen". You can change the name of the icon before loading it to your page. The icon will now appear on your phone to use conveniently anytime.

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